I would like to start out by saying I like to get to know my clients. It is not uncommon for me to become friends with my clients and honestly it is one of my favorite things about my job. I don’t mind a text or email anytime, whether it is to ask a question or just say hey, or to send a cute pic of your pets... or if you want a cute pic of my pets(I have a ton!) . I am usually pretty quick to respond unless I am out shooting a wedding then it might take me a day to get back to you. I encourage my clients to friend me on facebook and follow my instagram to keep in touch :) It also helps me get an insight into your lives and relationship.

So first step: reach out. Email me, text me, use the fancy little form on my website. Let me know your wedding date and a little bit about you. I will get back to you shortly to arrange a time to chat or meet if you’re in the area.

Once you have made the best decision ever and book me for your wedding I ask for  a contract to be signed and a 50% retainer to be paid in order to reserve your date. I receive a lot of inquiries a lot of times for the same dates :( I book my weddings on a first come first serve basis so unfortunately I can not save the date without this process being complete. I do all my contracts/invoicing/questionnaires online through a site where you have access to them via a client portal.

Once that is all taken care of we then can arrange a date and time for your engagement session(if elected). I highly encourage couples to do an Engagement session, It is a great way to get to know one another and get a taste of what your wedding portraits will be like. Engagement sessions are usually about 1.5 -to 2 hours long and  you are welcome to change outfits if you would like(although most couples think they will then decide not to once we have started lol) I am also  up for traveling to more than one location. I really enjoy photographing interactions between couples and strive to make the sessions fun so I sometimes use games and jokes to get those genuine laughs and smiles. It might seem a little cheesy at times but there is a method to my madness, I promise. For engagement sessions you receive an online gallery, you can download the photos directly to your computer from there. It can take up to two weeks to receive the gallery depending on the season Summer and Fall I am definitely swamped with work so it might take me a little extra time. 

About 1-2 weeks before the wedding I  like to touch base and go over the final details and timeline of the day. I even send you a little questionnaire online to help us prepare for the day.

Wedding day. Wedding days are long hectic and can be unpredictable. I keep a copy of the timeline with me so I can make sure I am in the right place at the right time(I wear an Apple watch to keep close tabs on the day). Every wedding is different so the details of your day will vary wedding to wedding.

After the wedding, the real work begins. I download the images and begin culling- by culling I mean removing the true outtakes I don’t limit a gallery count or aim to have a certain number of photos I just remove the photos that no one would want, closed eyes, in-between facial expressions, test shots etc…. Once that is done I edit the photos myself. Some photographers outsource for this process but not me. It can take me 6-8 weeks to do this but I do like to send you a few photos to hold you over in the days following your wedding. 

Once all is said and done I Upload the photos to your gallery and send out a USB. If you opted for an album we then go through the album process. Thats about it, easy peasy.



What is your Pricing?

I would love to chat with you about pricing. My packages start at $3200 however my packages can be customized, Don’t want an album? switch it for an engagement session. Want a gorgeous print or canvas, those are also available.

Can we pay you after the Wedding?

No, I require a non-refundable retainer to reserve the date and the remainder of the final balance is due 14 days before the event date. Overtime, Prints or Products that aren't included in the original wedding agreement can be added on and paid for after.

If I need to cancel or move my wedding date, is the retainer refundable?

The Retainer is non-refundable. If you are moving dates and would like to re-book me, a fee will be required to make up for the loss of business, if I'm available for that date. The full policy is included in the wedding agreement, which you can review before signing.

Do you shoot natural light or artificial light? Or both?

While I am fully capable of using artificial light I  do like my photos to have a more natural feel therefore I primarily utilize natural light and substitute artificial light when needed.

Do you bring your own Lighting?

Yes, however, like I said I try to stick to natural light which means 80% of my work is using the natural light from the sun (outdoors, window light, etc). Keep in mind that many ceremony venues have restrictions on flash, in which case, I work with the ambient lighting provided. After the sun sets, I utilize flash.

Do you work with a second photographer?


Where are you located?

I live and work in the Lehigh valley area but will travel internationally to photograph weddings.

I'm having a destination wedding. Do you Travel?

Yes, I love traveling!  Please know that flights and hotel accommodations for three-four days is required so that any required location scouting can be done.

What is your travel fee?

Weddings within 100 miles of my home do not have a travel fee. Anything outside that requires a $25 per driving hour for each photographer and/or flights+hotel stay is required for each team member.

Have you photographed at "XYZ" venue?

It is possible :) if I haven't photographed there, I would love to do a site visit with your planner/you before the day arrives, if at all possible. I adapt well to new environments and always come fully prepared for any situation.

How long have you been in business and how many weddings have you photographed?

I've been photographing professionally for 8 years. I was formally trained on film/ digital and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology Specializing in advertising photography. I have been a self-employed, full time photographer for 2+ years(I was previously part-time). I have photographed over 50 weddings as of 2018. 

What gear do you use?

I use professional quality Canon camera bodies and lenses. I own several different new and vintage film cameras. I also have multiple flash units  that I implement in non-natural lit rooms or at night.

 Do you back up your files online just in case of a fire? Do you have backup equipment?

The jpegs are uploaded to an online gallery and saved on two hard drives. Yes, I have backup equipment I carry two cameras and several lenses with me at all times during a wedding.

Do you carry Liability insurance?

Yes I do. If you need a certificate of proof for your wedding venue please let me know ASAP so I can provide a copy for you.


Can you define your Creative Style?

I am a fine art wedding photographer. Which means I am to tell a well curated story of your day through artistic imagery. My objective is to creatively capture the emotion of the day whether it be fun, romantic, intimate or moody.

What does Fine Art mean?

I am an artist. I was formally trained on film and taught advanced principles of composition, lighting and color. Unlike a photojournalist, whose priority is to objectively depict an event without artistic enhancements, I approach weddings with a specific narrative in mind. I pay careful attention to lighting, background, and composition and curate my work in a manner that tells my clients' stories in a beautiful, romantic and editorial way. After your wedding day you receive a highly curated, well-composed story through the art of photography. 

Why should you consider a fine art wedding photographer?  

If you are planning a wedding in which design, decor, and aesthetics are paramount, then a fine art wedding photographer is a good choice for you.  Every photographer’s style is different so choose one that is a perfect match for you and your wedding day vision

How do you make us feel relaxed in front of the camera?

This is a very important question! You want to feel relaxed in front of the camera so that you show more genuine emotions in your photos. One way I do this, is by getting to know you before the wedding so that  trust is built. I also have other tricks such as playing games or telling really cheesy jokes. I like to look at it more as directing rather than posing. This gets you to relax and interact with each other a bit more. Of course, it’s always important if you allow a lot of time for photos so that you don’t feel stressed.A great way to be prepared and less nervous for your wedding day photos is to add an engagement session.

How do you describe your shooting style? Are you laid back or aggressive? Do you tell the whole story of the day?

This is a very good question. It is important that you have a photographer that is a good fit with your wedding. If you are having a somewhat laid back easy going wedding, you probably want someone who is unobtrusive and remains in the background for the majority of the day (except while directing shots). That is me, I am a pretty easy going relaxed person and have been told I have a “calming effect” on people. I take a more observant approach and focus on telling the whole story of the day by capturing lots of little details that might otherwise go unnoticed. If you are planning a super loud and crazy wedding and want someone to take control and run the show, then a more aggressive photographer might be a better fit for you.

How far in advanced do you book?

weddings are typically booked on average, one year in advanced however I will book up to 18 months in advance.

If we're running late, do you stay later and keep photographing?

If you are running a few minutes late, I'm happy to stay to document what is left. However, if you are running an hour or more behind, we can discuss the options.  Extra photography coverage per hour may be needed but I will always speak with you or your planner when our time is up, let you know we are leaving for the day and see if you would like to have anything else photographed.

Do we get to print our pictures on our own?

Yes, you receive high resolution digital images in a JPEG format on a USB. You receive printing rights as I keep the Copyright to my photographs. You do have the option to print through me.

How many pictures will we receive?

This depends on the amount of hours I'm hired for and the subject matter. On average, I photograph about 50 images per hour.

Can we keep every image (even the out-takes) and the Raw?

No, I'm hired to create a curated, well-composed story that has a fine art, creative romantic feel. I don't offer RAW or include out takes and I also don't archive these images in the studio, which means they aren't available for purchase.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes  Pennsylvania law requires I charge 6% sales/use tax for weddings that take place in Pennsylvania. This tax will be added to the total cost and is not included in the package price (out of state weddings are excluded from this)



Will you help me with my timeline for the wedding day?

I would be more than happy to help plan your timeline if you would like.  I can help ensure we have the right amount of time and best lighting for your wedding photos. 

Can we provide you with a "Shot List"?

My clients trust me and give me the freedom to create a beautiful, curated story. Shot Lists tend to hinder the creativity and stop the flow of the day. With that said, if there is something very specific you want that you are afraid you will forget in the chaos of the wedding day(a special heirloom, a school reunion photo, something very meaningful etc…)then please let me know. I talk to my clients before the event and we discuss who we would like to have photographed for family formals. This is the only "Shot List" I use as every family is different and comes with special circumstances that I want to be sensitive too. I never guarantee a shot or a set of images. However I would love to see your inspiration boards!

What will we do if it rains or snow?

If you would like we could still take some photos outside, sometimes you can get really awesome photos in poor weather. We can also find a good spot under cover somewhere. As a professional it is my duty to understand lighting and my equipment in all situations. I’m confident we can get great images just about anywhere. 

What are Printing Rights and Copyrights?

Printing rights allows clients to print and share their images with family via social media, but you are unable to sell them for profit, submit to publications or claim ownership. Copyright is the legal binding term claiming ownership of the image, which I keep. By keeping the copyright, I am able to protect the images if they are stolen and used without consent by another company. Credit should always be given to your photographer when sharing the images for personal use.

I heard about Tangible Prints/Books/Boxes. What is all the fuss about?

Ten, twenty, even 100 years down the road, when you have passed away, how would you like your children's children to tell your story? I believe in printing your photographs and having a tangible product you can touch to pass down generation to generation. My prints are professional quality and I offer everything from proof boxes, curated story books to framed prints with my signature.

What are planning consults?

I like to meet/talk with each of my wedding clients before the wedding day to start a rough-draft photography timeline and formals list and to finalize all the information I need for the day. These consults are focused on photography and making sure we get the appropriate time needed for each portion of the wedding day. This also helps you get to know me and be comfortable with me. 

What do you wear to weddings/events?

I like to wear jumpsuits or tunics, usually black or navy, with leggings and flats (or appropriate footwear for the location) It is important for me to be comfortable while working but to also look professional and not stand out too much in the crowd.

How long will it take to see our photographs?

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your photograph to be delivered in your proofing gallery, a USB will follow.

How do we book you? Do you hold dates?

I require a signed agreement and a non-refundable retainer. I will hold a date for two weeks while you  complete the agreement and provide the retainer fee. After two weeks if I have not received the agreement and retainer your date will become available to others.

Do we need to feed you and your assistants at the reception?

Yes, it would be greatly appreciated. It's difficult to photograph with shaky hands while hungry. We don't expect the same meals as guests; a simple sandwich, fruit/veggies and water is fine. We do bring snacks with us to keep our energy up throughout the day but a meal is always appreciated. I also like to encourage brides to ask that we are fed at the same time as the first guests so that we are not missing anything when the guests are done eating.